Bruce Messinger

Working out of our Newtown Office, Bruce assists individuals, partnerships, and corporations with a full complement of accounting services including taxes and the preparation of financial statements.  During his typical day he works tirelessly with clients to ensure their issues are handled with the utmost level of expertise.

While there is a stereotypical feeling about accountants and the work that they do, Bruce “can assure you that nothing is boring or routine about the service I provide.  Each and every day I am working with the individual circumstances of client cases, solving problems, and enjoying the diverse fields and issues this work brings to my desk.  In addition to my time here at Diamond, I have worked in the field of accounting for the automotive, printing, construction, retail and manufacturing industries.”

When you are looking for a tax professional to help with your individual and business tax needs, you want someone who has the educational background but also keeps up on trends, law, and innovation.  Bruce attended college in the greater Philadelphia area at Temple University.  With over 30 years as an accounting professional, he has been a member of the Pennsylvania Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals and has attended hundreds of hours of professional development to remain up-to-date on tax law and best practices.