COVID best practices for reopening your business
July 8, 2020

As business owners prepare for reopening amid ongoing concerns about COVID-19, a careful consideration of risks is critical, as are prevention practices.

Among the many factors business leaders must examine to protect their employees, colleagues, and, in some cases, the public, is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Experts in the field of risk management suggest creating a COVID-19 compliance officer or team. Doing so, they say, can help a company coordinate all its virus-related policies and efforts under one department.

In this way, legal matters, security concerns, media relations and internal communications, as well as other key leadership teams, can be managed with a unified message and collaborative policies. Additionally, it’s important to remember that if your company operates nationally and globally, you’ll want to ensure your coronavirus guidelines are applicable in other countries, as well as other states.

Screening and protection measures must also be prioritized as you prepare for your reopening. Experts recommend addressing COVID-19 precautions much as you would other potential intrusions, such as cyber breaches, with attention to detailed security. Some guidance encourages temperature taking, checking travel plans and record keeping, in order to assist in contact tracing, should it become necessary. While no measures are foolproof, in combination, they can be helpful in keeping a workplace as safe as possible.

Clearly, this unprecedented environment effects multiple changes for businesses and their customers.  A measured, methodical and transparent approach is essential to ensure the best client experience, as well as one that is clear, consistent and sustainable for the company.

It’s also important, business leaders agree, to offer staff and customers a mechanism to register their concerns and observations about policies regarding the virus.  Some are creating a hotline for this purpose, where reports can be made anonymously.

As with other compliance matters, good documentation is vital, to both show your company takes this matter seriously, and, to provide the necessary records that may be needed, should a problem arise.

At Diamond and Associates, CPAs, we take the health and safety of our clients and employees very seriously. Our office reopened, on a limited basis, June 8 with the following improvements and protocols in place:

  • All employees, clients and visitors are required to wear masks.
  • A UV air purification system has been installed to help prevent the spread of fungi, bacteria and viruses throughout our office and supply safe, clean air.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed in our reception area.
  • The offices are thoroughly cleaned with My-shield hospital grade cleaner.
  • An automatic, no contact, hand sanitizer dispenser has been installed in the reception area.
  • Procedures have been implemented to limit the number of staff and clients allowed in our office at one time.
  • Our meeting spaces are sanitized between every appointment and our high-touch common areas are sanitized every hour.
  • We have provided our staff with COVID-19 training,

Until further notice, clients will be allowed in the office by appointment only.  Please contact our office at (215) 497-8888 to schedule your appointment today.

If we can answer any questions or be a resource for you during these difficult times, please let us know. We are here for you!


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