Understanding the Importance of Human Intelligence Skills
August 7, 2019

In today’s rapidly changing world it’s important to remember that while one’s technical skills matter greatly, one’s so-called “human intelligence” skills are equally important when seeking a new job, or a move up the ladder.

Many people often don’t realize that while their skill set  in the financial and accounting field may be a perfect match for a position,

Critical thinking is sometimes overlooked as a vital part of advancing one’s career in the evolving digital age of accounting and financial advising, experts agree.  Skills that show you can think “outside the box,” adapt quickly to changing environments, problem-solve and analyze information are highly valued.

When it comes to demonstrating leadership abilities, it’s key to remember that confidence matters in setting you apart from others. It is also important to understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.  Trust in yourself and your abilities and share that confidence through your knowledge, while also being open to personal and professional growth.

Being a strong, positive leader means acknowledging that you too can make mistakes, but always strive to learn from them. Let people know that about you.

People often talk about the value of emotional intelligence, but don’t always know quite what it means.  To understand emotional intelligence, consider how emotions affect your thinking, your reactions, and, even your body language. Whether you’re interviewing for a job or leading a meeting, pay attention to the emotions of those around you, as well as your own, and adjust to them accordingly. Be sensitive to your surroundings and aware of others’ needs.

Finally, consider your communication skills. Are you an active listener? Are you providing direct and appropriate responses to questions that are detailed but not overly so? Are you sitting up straight and making eye contact? All of this matters and being an effective communicator will help you stand out among your peers.

Technical skills, of course, are critical. But, do not underestimate the value of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership and communication skills. Employers are looking at the whole person, more so today than ever before.



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