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About Diamond & Associates and Our Staff

Our team is comprised of experts who work passionately in the areas of personal and business accounting to limit your tax exposure and reduce your stress. The culture of our firm is collaboration which allows us to provide all services you may need. The size and scope of our firm allows us to address all of your accounting and taxation questions related to your personal finances and business endeavors.

We would be pleased to provide you our knowledge and insight and have you as our client.

Our Staff

Our Shareholders

Robert S. Palmer, CPA
Robert S. Palmer, CPA
Mark S. Jaffe, CPA
Mark S. Jaffe, CPA
Gustave H. Kuhl, CPA
Gustave H Kuhl CPA
Kimberly Brizuela, CPA, CSEP
Kimberely Brizuela, CPA, CSEP

Professional Staff

Our staff consists of CPAs, accountants, and para-professionals.

Other Staff Contacts:

Brian Wyman, CPA
215-497-8888, Ext. 107
Email brianw@diamondcpas.com

Ann M. Mariano
Senior Accountant
215-497-8888, Ext. 102
Email annm@diamondcpas.com

Ann B. Means
Staff Accountant
215-497-8888, Ext. 103

Erin M. Bolz
Office Manager
215-497-8888, Ext. 101
Email erinb@diamondcpas.com

Patricia A. Tomlinson
Administrative Assistant
215-497-8888, Ext. 100
Email pattyt@diamondcpas.com

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